Snowstorm 2006

Introduction of “The Snowstorm 2006

Another year has passed and the best riders of last year are found out. You all have an opportunity to participate in the traditional wintry orientation competition “The Snowstorm 2006” on 27-29 January, which is also the first off-road competition of the season. In addition to the fact that the competition is the first cup series of the Estonian 4×4 competition, this time it is also an international competition, since it is a part of the Baltic sea cup series with five competitions. Due to this, competitors from the south, north and east are expected to participate.

At the end of January all people interested in off-road have an opportunity to meet in Estonia either as a competitor, witness, referee or spectator. The snowy valleys and hills of the Valga county welcome you to share its beauty, surprises and nature. You all have to consider the fact that, when being in the nature with your four-wheeler vehicle, you have to move within the track and the area specially prepared for you by the organizer.

You can acquaint yourself with the course of the competition by visiting the homepage of OÜ Cooperland at www.cooperland.ee, the operational information will also be available at the EAL 4×4 sub-union (Estonian Autosport Union) homepage. You can read about the competition in Autoleht and in the local newspapers. The Estonian channel Kanal 2 shall report on the competition in its programme “Reporter”, you can also inform yourself about the course and results of the competition by hearing the Estonian radio station “Raadio 3”.


Due to the unpredictable forces of nature, the following timetable is primary. The final timetable shall be issued three days prior to the competition. The organizer is allowed to bring out a bulletin three hours prior to the starts, which shall also serve as the last information source on the changes in the timetable. As a result of this the competitors are expected to follow the official information channels and to take time and be patient in arriving as well as in performing all the pre-start activities in time.

27.01.2006 at 12:00 the technical inspection centre shall be opened in the Valga county, Linna village, in AS AXB car repair complex, which shall be open till 16:00. There is enough space for the location of transport trailers and technical aid equipment during the competition. Because the interim finish and the finish are situated in the area, it is rational to leave there your own reserve equipment. Approximately at 17:00 the single starts begin the daily orientation competition. The start order shall be determined by the order of registration (read more about that in the competition guide), namely, the team that has registered the latest shall start the first. The opening stage, which is also the audience stage, requires the craft of passing the technical track together with the different elements of trial and cross-country race. The second additional stage shall follow in order to seize the checkpoints difficult to reach by using the secret legend. Before the end of the additional round the new day shall probably begin. On the night of January 28 the competitors and the teams shall gather around the interim finish to eat and drink something and to prepare for the next competition day. In one hour they must leave again as the third additional stage begins which is also an orientation stage. There are notes about the two more additional stages and how to pass them on the legend of the third additional stage, one of them is an audience stage which shall take place on Saturday noon. The summary time of all the additional stages and the interim finish of the competition is 24 hours, thus the finishes shall take place approximately until 19:00 on Saturday. The completion of the competition shall take place on January 29 at 14:00. In addition to all the teams having won a prize the organizer shall raffle three additional prizes among the random registered crew. The prizes shall be delivered only to the teams present.

The admission to the competition for the people interested in “off-road” is free, but one has to follow the signs and prohibitions of the organizer strictly. The approximate number of the spectators is 300 – 500. The number of those people involved more or less in the competitions is 300.

Attention parents: as it is a competition and technical sports, we expect you to keep an eye on your children to ensure their health and security!

Attention all spectators: precautions are also essential to you, not only to your children. The track of the racecourse of the audience stage shall be surrounded with a red-white striped tape. Staying between the tapes is categorically prohibited and movement on the racecourse of any kind is allowed only by the permission of the race referee. In addition to the racecourse barrier in dangerous places there is also a security area marked with yellow tapes. Staying there is prohibited.

Hazards on the racecourse:

1. In case there are curves on the faster track sectors, there is the danger of the race vehicles being thrown over; the secure distance is 10m

2. In case there is loose ice, gravel, stones or other track materials by the rises and obstacles, there is a possibility that these materials could fly from the wheels of the race vehicles very quickly. The secure distance is 10m

3. In case you see the race vehicle being pulled by a winch, do not observe the activity along the axle of the winch, i.e. from the front or back, it is less dangerous to observe from the side, but not closer than 10 m

4. The track sectors between the trees can be dangerous because of trees falling unexpectedly. The off-road vehicle deviated from the right speed and course could be thrown against a tree, which as a rule results in the quick fall of the tree. Due to this it is better to stay at a distance of 10 m at least in places like that.

Questions about the organization – telephone: 50 35039, e-mail: offroad@cooperland.ee

For the competitors:

Participation: It is possible to register from January 9-24 presently 24 hours via the Internet address https://offroad.ee. The participation fee is 2500.- EEK. The participation fee for the 4×4 free off-road vehicle class is 2000.- EEK. The participation fee for ATVs is 1000.- EEK. The participation fee can be paid by bank transfer also by January 24 until 23:59 (see the next paragraph). After January 24 there is the possibility to register and to pay the participation fee at the place of the competition on January 27 (information at the place, telephone 510 0657) and then one has to pay a late coming fine of 500 EEK extra to the main sum.

When paying make sure that the payment would be paid in on time and to the right address (OÜ Cooperland, reg. no 10676388, KMKR EE 100629093, address Tähetorni 21E, Tallinn 11625, Hansapank, account no 221014818818, contact phone: 503 5039), certainly maintain the copy of the payment order. In case you require an invoice for a company, please add the name and fax number of the company paying the invoice to the registration form. The payer should add the name of the team to the explanation.

The participants participating via a club shall state their competitors by January 17 at the latest, and then it is possible to register on agreement conditions. Information on 503 5039.

The race crew shall be considered as registered when it has correctly filled the registration form and paid the participation fee according to the registration conditions.

The participation fee for non-Estonian citizens is 100 EUR, it is possible to pay it at the competition place, but the team should fill the registration form by January 25 at the latest on the Internet or send a fax to the number +372 671 8801.