Snowstorm 2006 Press Release No. 1

Off-road competition “Snowstorm 2006”

Press release


Already six years in row the competition season for Estonian offroaders start with the winter navigation competition “Snowstorm”. The competition takes place on the last weekend of January (Jan 27th – 29th) and after a leap to North-Estonian industrial landscape last year, this year it’s again held between South-Estonian hills and valleys. The center of the competition will be in Linna village, Helme parish, ValgaCounty.

The competition “Snowstorm 2006” gives a start to 2006 Estonian 4×4 Off-road Cup and also 2006 Baltic Sea 4×4 Off-road Cup. Thanks to being a part of an international cup, there are also expected competitors in addition to Estonian offroaders from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia. The Head of the competition is Mr. Vaiko Püttsepp, Clerk of Course is Mr. Margus Mikk and Main Steward is Mr. Yuri Ovchinnikov from Russia, who is also the main organizer of the world famous off-road competition “Ladoga Trophy”.

The competitors are divided into five classes, from which four are cars, divided into classes TR1, TR2, TR3 and 4x4Hobby, prepared by different technical rules. In addition to cars there will also be competing ATV-s. The classes TR1, TR2 and TR3 are strictly regulated sports classes. 4x4Hobby is meant for hobby-offroades, who don’t care so much of competing with others, they’d rather test themselves, their cars and have just good time, this is also the cause for not so strict technical regulations. All-in-all there are expected 50-60 competitors.

The competition “Snowstorm 2006” is planned to consist of five special stages, including two navigational stages, two sprint stages and one road-book navigation stage. The competition starts in the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 27th with a spectacular sprint stage, where the competitors are obliged to pass a complicated track demanding high driving skills. After passing through the first stage, the competitors receive legend with coordinates of control points they have to locate on a wide landscape with the help of all possible means of navigation: compass, topographic maps, GPS devices and laptop computers. The competitors must drive to the control point and take a digital photo as a proof. After finishing the first stage of navigation, the competitors have an hour for rest and then they start to second navigational stage, which they have to pass by same rules as previous in the night darkness and morning dawn of Saturday, Jan 28th. On mid-day of Saturday there is second sprint stage, ideal for spectators and fans. After passing this, the competitors will receive road-books and are obliged to find their way to the finish, counting meters and turns. The whole competition lasts for competitors roughly 24h, demanding from all crews a very good physical preparation and from cars excellent technical preparation. The finish is open till 19.00 Saturday evening. The preliminary results will be published Sunday morning between 10.00 and 11.00. The rewarding of the winners takes place on Sunday, Jan 29th at 14.00.

The exact schedule of the competition will be published and sent also to press three days prior to competition.

Kind Regards,

Andres Meesak
Estonian Autosport Union 4×4 Subcommittee
Press representative
Ph: +372 50 14711
e-mail: peremees@juminda.com


Further information:

Web-page of the competition: http://www.cooperland.ee/snowstorm2006

Estonian Autosport Union 4×4 Subcommittee: https://offroad.ee